TOC announcement for «Koalas in Smoke»

It is my pleasure to announce the table of contents for the upcoming anthology called Koalas in Smoke: An International Bizarro Bushfire Anthology that I’m coordinating with the help of my friends Matthew Revert and Leigham Shardlow. I think that we managed to get a pretty diverse list of contributors of different conditions and origins, including USA, Colombia, Hungary, Britain, Scotland, Spain, Japan, Catalonia and India. Here is the list, in no particular order, of the works (poetry and short fiction, even artwork!) to be included:

«The one who swallows the sea (I can’t go to sleep)» by Laura Lee Bahr
«Gradient» by Francisco Jota-Pérez
«Inconvenience at the Dentist» (and other flash fiction pieces) by Madeleine Swann
«Muntag the Magnificent» by Camilo Ortega
«Opossum Pérez» by Luis Carlos Barragán
«Then the sky ticked» by William Pauley III
«August Behemoths» by Nathan Carson
«Requiem for an ass» by Zoltán Komor
«The lead pipe protocol» by DC Benvolio
«Jah hates to wait» and «Baba Fuh» (artwork) by Jim Agpalza
«Tattoo wayback machine remix» by Kenji Siratori
«Ana» by Garvan Giltinan
«Born Plastic» by Tiffany Scandal
«Ninja Raccoons» by Lee Widener
«Dawn of the new world» by Priya Unnikrishnan
«Something new» by Chris Meekings
«Heavy Petting» by Lydia Xythali
«Crystal Store Tyrant» by Melissa Moralez
«Nicoletta» by Larissa Glasser
«Letters from Delirium» by S. M. Welch
«Akeldama» (and 3 other poems) by Taylor Bain
«Immortality» by Inés Arias de Reyna
«Smoke will Follow you» by Elle Bosque
«Bordering» by Chris Kelso
«Dead and Shiny» by Leigham Shardlow
«Close Encounters on the Third Sentece» by Sergi G. Oset
«The Beast With Two Backs» by Garrett Cook

Cover art will be made by Matthew Revert and I’ll write an introduction. The anthology will be published in Australia and all the benefits will be donated to The Rescue Collective, who work towards saving the wildlife.

If you submitted to the antho you should, by now, have received an acceptance or rejection letter. If this is not the case, please contact me at the same email you sent your contribution to, or reach me on my social media. Reach me also if there are any typos, misspells or I dind’t use your pen name.

It took longer than I wished due to the pandemic, but the cause is unfortunately still valid. We’ll be in touch with you.

Thank you very much to everybody who sent their contributions, even if they are not included. There was a big amount of works that shows how wonderful the international Bizarro Fiction community and its extended family is!